Junior senator from Ohio made headlines last year when he became the first currently Sitting republican senator to openly support Marriage Equality- because he has an LGBT son. He used to be opposed to equality, but once his son came out and it was about one of his closest loved ones, his perspective changed. He saw a new light- he finally saw that Love is love. I am Democratic- but I gained a lot of respect for Mr. Portman.

Here is something to think about- put yourself in Mr. Portman’s shoes- if your son or daughter came out to you- would you be opposed to them marrying the person of their dreams? I certainly hope not- but if you say that you would be opposed- why would you be opposed? Religious reasons? God made us all different on purpose- some of us straight, some of Us LGBT- some of us male, some of us female, some of us Caucasian, some of us African American, etc. Since God created us all differently on purpose, why shouldn’t we all be able to marry the person we love?

My God loves everyone. My God hates no one and and discriminates against no one. My God creates us all different. If you think your God is homophobic, racist, or in any way discriminatory- then we must not believe in the same God. My God loves everyone so much that my God is Love.

It’s about Love and perspective. For me, nothing upsets me more than when homophobic people are so buried in their own heads that they can’t see the point- love is love. There are so many amazing denominations and churches that See that all love is equal- but unfortunately there are still many who are very hateful and homophobic- If your church isn’t loving and welcoming to all of Gods children- then are you really a christ-like church? Or does your God discriminate?

Perspective- that is the key word. That is what you have to remember- if your son or daughter was LGBT- wouldn’t you want them to be able to get married? Or what if you would have been born LGBT- wouldn’t you want to get married? Wouldn’t you want all the same rights as a heterosexual? Or would you still be discriminatory- against yourself?

A little about me :)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week as well as a great “Good Friday”. Today is also my 19th birthday :) I was just thinking that I really haven’t shared much about myself on here, so I wanted to take the time to tell a little about myself. First of all, my name is Matt. I am from northeast Ohio- about an hour south of Cleveland. I am an out and proud Gay man, as well as I’m a first year college student majoring accounting. I became an ordained minister last summer, and I am a proud follower of the United Church of Christ. I love spreading Gods amazing love to all, as well as I very much enjoy traveling, spending time with family, volunteering, and just enjoying life. I can proudly say that being gay is one of the greatest blessings of my life- while I am currently single, I know that in the future I will find an amazing boyfriend/ husband. Some of my greatest influences are President Barack Obama, Episcopal bishop Desmond Tutu, Martin Luther King Jr, Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson(first openly LGBT episcopal bishop) and many more.

So that’s a little about me. I just want everyone reading this to know that you can email or message me anytime-any day and I will do everything I can to help. God made you LGBT on purpose! You are not broken, you are not wrong. You are so beautiful and amazing just how you are :) my email is pastormatt18@aol.com and I recently got a kik too which is matt_1818 please message me if you ever need anything- I am always here

No matter who you are, God loves you so much. He will always have your back, he will always watch over you. I apologize for not posting much in the past few weeks, but I still make sure to check my messages every day. If you are feeling down, upset, or just need someone to talk to- please message me on here or by email pastormatt18@aol.com I will always do everything I can to help you. God loves you so much, he made you LGBT on purpose! You are not broken, you are not wrong! He is helping spread love and marriage equality each and every day! God loves you so much just how he made you - LGBT or Straight ! I am always here if you need to talk :)

God bless:)
Pastor Matt

God created each and every one of us how we are on purpose! We were born LGBT for a reason, and God loves each and every one of us so much! You are not broken! You are not wrong! Marriage is about Love! Love has no limits, love is beautiful, and love is never wrong! God bless everyone:) my email is pastormatt18@aol.com if you ever need anything:)

God created each and every one of us how we are on purpose! We were born LGBT for a reason, and God loves each and every one of us so much! You are not broken! You are not wrong! Marriage is about Love! Love has no limits, love is beautiful, and love is never wrong! God bless everyone:) my email is pastormatt18@aol.com if you ever need anything:)

Let LOVE be your compass

My ministry and my faith is based upon one action, and that action is LOVE. Many of us try to love always and hate never, but ultimately we most likely at one time or another end up showing hatred. Unfortunately, in this world hate seems to be more prevalent than love. Let me offer one tip for each and every one of us – Let love be your compass!

          Love is never wrong, and love has no limits. If we all completely filled ourselves with love and no hate, we would see no war, much less suffering, much more hospitality, and equality for all. We are all children of God; no matter who you are, no matter what your religion is, you are a child of god, and we are all loved unconditionally and limitlessly by Him. Since God loves us so much just how he created us (Caucasian, African American, Central American, European, Gay, Straight, Tall, Short, Male, Female, Transgender, etc.) then why don’t we all love one another unconditionally and endlessly. Why don’t we all love and support one another always? Please, don’t hate! In my ministry, my number one tenant is GOD IS LOVE and LOVE IS NEVER WRONG! If you let love be your compass, you are letting God be your compass. Always follow love, because love is never wrong.

Finding an affirming Church

          One of the best support methods for us in the LGBT community is finding an Affirming Church. You don’t have to go to church to love God, you don’t even have to be a Christian to love God. In return, no matter who you are, no matter what you believe, God loves you so much! Affirming churches will help raise your self-esteem, they become family to you, they support you and love you unconditionally, just as God does! God made you LGBT on purpose- you are NOT broken, you are NOT wrong! Here is a current list of affirming denominations. You can also check out the website gaychurch.org for a complete directory as well as many amazing LGBT resources. Some individual congregations will vary in opinions; however these denominations official positions are affirming and support ALL LOVE and EQUALITY.


1.   The United Church of Christ (UCC). One of the most inclusive and loving denominations in the Country. Make sure it is UNITED Church of Christ, since if you leave out united it is a completely different denomination. The United Church of Christ was the first major affirming protestant denomination in the United States


2.   The Episcopal Church. Another extremely welcoming denomination.


3.   Evangelical Lutheran Churches of America (ELCA Lutheran). The ELCA is very welcoming. Avoid the LCMS (Lutheran Church Missouri Synod) Lutheran churches; they are for the most part very homophobic.  The ELCA is the largest Lutheran body in the United States


4.   Presbyterian Churches USA (PCUSA). The largest Presbyterian body in the United States.


5.   Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).


6.   Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC). You will find these amazing churches in larger cities. This denomination was founded by the LGBT community. These churches are filled with


List of smaller affirming denominations

1.   Anthem Phoenix and Family Churches

2.   Anointed Affirming Independent Ministries

3.   Community of Christ

4.   Reconciling Pentecostals International

5.   Affirming Pentecostal Church International

6.   Association of Welcoming and affirming Baptists

7.   Ecumenical Catholic Church

8.   Ecumenical Catholic Communion

9.   Evangelical Anglican Church in America

10.         Friends General Conference (Quaker)

11.         Global Alliance of Affirming Apostolic Pentecostals

12.         Inclusive Orthodox Church

13.         Old Catholic Church

14.         Progressive Christian Alliance

15.         Reformed Anglican Catholic Church

16.         Restoration Church of Jesus Christ (LDS Mormon)

17.         Unity Church

18.         Evangelical Lutheran Church of Canada (Large, but in Canada)

19.         United Church of Canada  (Large, but in Canada)

20.         Congregationalist Churches (Many are affirming, varies based on the congregation)


1.   Reform Judaism

2.   Reconstructionist Judaism

3.   Conservative Judaism

4.   Unitarian Universalism



Honorable Mentions, but not yet affirming

1.   The United Methodist Church- I am praying that they will become affirming in the next few years. The Northern Methodists tend to be more affirming, while the southern Methodists tend to not be.


2.   National Baptist Convention – A predominately African American Baptist denomination, each congregation varies.


Here are some LGBT Affirming Resources

1.   www.gaychurch.org

2.   www.believeoutloud.com

3.   http://www.ucc.org/lgbt/ (United Church of Christ)

4.   http://www.integrityusa.org/ (Episcopal Church)

5.   http://www.reconcilingworks.org/ (ELCA Lutheran)

6.   http://www.mlp.org/ (Presbyterian Church USA)

7.   http://mccchurch.org (Metropolitan Community Churches)

8.   http://gladalliance.org (Christian Church-Disciples of Christ)

9.   http://www.umaffirm.org/ (United Methodist)

10.                     http://www.rmnetwork.org/ (United Methodist)